In organisations with a large workforce, there is sometimes a need for bulk recruitment. In mass recruitment, Empatik's expertise is not only in interviewing quality and accurate selection, but also in its digital infrastructure. Empatik has a digital sub-platform capable of managing thousands of applications simultaneously. Supported by online assessment tools, the platform allows for the fully digital management of initial candidate assessments. Interviews with shortlisted candidates can also be conducted via the same platform. In this way, you can offer candidates a state-of-the-art assessment experience while saving time and money in your HR processes.

Empatik HR

Empatik HR is a human resources consultancy firm that combines 30 years of experience in the Information Technology sector with its specialisation in Human Resources.

Empatik, 03.07.2005 tarih ve 37 numaralı İŞKUR Özel İstihdam Bürosu lisansına sahiptir.


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